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Triumph v2 Triumph v2

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If you're going to steal from Basshunter, at least credit him you fake, this isn't your song. Don't believe me? Check out Basshunter Tutorial Song. The fact that you're accepting people's comments as it's your own song disgusts me.

DjViking responds:

yes I used Basshunters style as a basis, but this is MY song, i made this, it differs from basshunters tutorial song in many ways. Basshunter wasn't the only influence on this song. Also I have met Basshunter in person, he is a perv. and is over glorified, all of my friends who met him since i hired him for a show all refer to him as asshunter from that point on, since he spent pretty much all of his night, (other than his 1 hour set) hitting on underage girls, and saying he likes ass.

also, it's common in the techno/trance scene to use similar beats, you don't think basshunter ever stole any sounds or beats from other artists? Look at his song DOTA, which was his first "famous" song, or song that got him global recognition, that is a ripoff of the song Daddy DJ, don't believe me look it up, yes they sound similar but basshunter made his own sounds, just as I made my own sounds with this song, my final note, to all who plan on reviewing after m2tracks, base your review on your thoughts on the song, and not what this asshat has said.